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The seventh volume in this award Winning and top selling series, from Immoral Productions' partners Jim Powers and "Porno" Dan Leal, offers real-life fans the chance to get paid to get laid. Hosted by the flamboyant Porno Dan, this is the seventh of many releases planned as a spin-off from the highly successful FuckAFan.com web site. This seventh volume stars one of the sexiest women to star in an adult film, Alanah Rae. It also stars European beauty, Rebecca Linares

Gloria has a show which has very poor ratings. If she does not double her ratings by the end of two weeks, then she and her show will be goners. Luckily for her, a scheming man broadcasting himself from an unknown location has an idea for her... All he asks for is her body. Reluctantly, she agrees and finds that his bright idea were hardcore porno videos, and it turns out to be a complete debacle. Or was it? Soon Gloria is surrounded by wealth, a healthy fan base, and enough status to get her body for three lifetimes, and it's time for the man to collect on the debt owed to him. Just what is it that he truly wants?

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